5-Step Plan to Reduce Inflammation With a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

reduce-inflammation-healthy-active-lifestyleChronic inflammation is one of the biggest killers in the world.

It is a growing problem that affects a significant number of people, and it has links to almost every chronic disease.

On the positive side, we can mostly avoid it depending on how we live our life.

This article will explain some simple ways to reduce inflammation through a healthy and active, real food lifestyle.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is supposed to be a natural process that helps our body heal from injury or illness.

During an inflammatory response, macrophages (local immune cells) are the first to defend the body.

Also, chemical messengers known as cytokines warn the immune system about the problem and small white blood cells (lymphocytes) fight the infection/damage.

Inflammation is a way for the body to protect itself from acute injury, heal wounds, and fight bacterial pathogens.

It is perfectly natural when it occurs for a short time (acute inflammation).

Read More: http://nutritionadvance.com/reduce-inflammation-healthy-active-lifestyle

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